How We Work

HTEC supports innovation projects from seed through to launch with a customized approach. We practice a multi-step iterative process, providing a full-cycle solution starting from a predefined user-centric design and deploying an agile product development including integration, deployment, and full production support.

We always have suggestions on how our clients could improve their businesses with technology, with innovative ideas that leverage the power of data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We give recommendations on how our clients can transform the business including products, services, solutions, and platforms. We work to establish our clients at the forefront of their industry, beating their competition, and becoming a digital leader.

Challenge us to start with a workshop and discovery phase. Let us introduce you to innovation sprints that analyze your opportunities and present the potential of digital transformation.

1. Discovery Phase

Our engagement starts with carefully designed workshops which introduce business issues, project goals and define the expectations of our engagement. Through discussion and analysis, we help our clients discover the possibilities for innovation and determine the optimal model of cooperation. Discovery phase consists of:

  • Strategy and business process analysis
  • Current status assessment
  • Opportunity investigation
  • Expectations of the engagement
  • Ideation/brainstorm on possible solutions

During the discovery phase, we help our clients discover new possibilities which we then approach together with the aim of improving their business.

2. Innovation Sprint and Product Definition

The Innovation Sprint precedes the system design phase, and the steps in this phase include:

  • Analysis of the issue and identification of solutions.
  • Analysis of gaps and opportunities.
  • Definition of product roadmap and technology strategy.
  • Engagement proposal with a ballpark timeline and budget estimate.

The output of this phase is a consolidated blueprint of the product concept, an initial specification and/or the first wireframe prototype.

3. System Design Phase

The System Design Phase defines the overall technology strategy, product/market fit, and makes sure that the final product is aligned with the business objectives. This phase typically consists of:

  • Functional and nonfunctional requirements analysis.
  • Risks and threats identification.
  • Product conceptualization (UI/UX, Wireframes).
  • Architectural considerations and technical systems studies.
  • Current technology assessment.
  • Technology architecture definition.
  • Revision of the engagement proposal and cooperation model

This phase involves a close collaborative process with our clients, resulting in a defined agreement on the development process.

4. Product Development and Support

We deploy an iterative, agile development methodology for all new product development, including continuous support and product maintenance. This phase consists of:

  • An agile approach to product development.
  • Development of the product in several phases.
    • MVP – Minimum Viable Product.
    • First fully functional version.
    • Scalable product.
  • Product integration and full production support.

The result of the final phase is a fully integrated and functional product ready for commercialization.

Final result

An outstanding technology solution for your business.

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