We accept challenges. We share knowledge. We all move forward

We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do. We accept challenges and take initiative to achieve continuous learning and development. We share knowledge, information, and experience; knowing that when we move forward, we all move forward and grow together.

Open Positions

HTEC offers a great opportunity for career development and enables its employees to work on developing the newest technologies in a friendly environment and an excellently equipped surrounding. We are always on the look-out for new talents who are ready to grow with HTEC!


Our HTEC Summer Internship program allows students to join HTEC, learn and grow in the stimulating environment. Over our 6-week summer program, students are involved in the whole project design, flow, and implementation. Presentation of their work to colleagues at the end of the Internship gives students the experience of a complete circle of product development.

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Employee Stories

There are several steps in our hiring process. Each of them is carefully planned to ensure potential employees are a good match for our company, but also for the applicants themselves to be sure that HTEC is the right fit for them in planning their career. If you are interested in learning more about being a part of the HTEC team, here are some of our employee stories.

|Tech Blog

Building Intelligent Routing Models

The significant expansion of crowdsourcing applications in the last decade, along with the vast availability of mobile phones and similar personal sensory devices, has inevitably generated a considerable amount of location data.

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|HTEC Culture

Creating Electronics and Great Engineering Teams

We talked to Miroslav Bozic about his vision of great engineering teams. Miroslav has been a part of the HTEC Niš Office from the very beginning, which is now six years.

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|HTEC Culture

Development Path of a Product in a Tech Company

Developing a product in a tech company usually involves a team of people, which depending on a product, can vary in size.

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