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HTEC is a Research and Development center which has been entrusted by some of the world’s leading tech and non-tech companies as well as some of the most disruptive startups. Our mission is to provide excellent technology consulting and engineering services by enabling our clients to create outstanding products that bring positive global change. Hand in hand, we enable professional growth and development for our employees to become the best versions of themselves.

Our History

HTEC was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 with the goal of creating an innovation and technology R&D center that will attract the top talent from Central and Eastern Europe, and partner with globally leading technology companies and research organizations on the latest technology research and development. The passion for solving the complex engineering problems was from the beginning embedded in the DNA of the company, while the capability and capacity to do so were built over time.

Since the beginning, we have been working on becoming a premium product development and technology research center, a place where creative thinking meets science and engineering, thus providing significant value to our customers.

From our beginnings at the Technology Incubator attached to the University of Belgrade, our team grew quickly, expanding its client base to Europe and the USA. Gradually, we scaled our product and engineering teams in custom software and hardware engineering to become specialized for the complex Internet of Things, as well as large cloud infrastructure projects in the web and mobile domain.

With the reputation of a fast-growing company, HTEC opened two more development centers in Serbia. Joined with the two new offices in Nis and Novi Sad, we have expanded our team to over 250 engaged engineers. In 2016, the company opened a branch in Gothenburg, Sweden and moved its headquarters to San Francisco, USA. Over this period, our client and partner list included companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, IBM Research, Darpa, STENA, and started research projects with some of the leading universities in Serbia, in Nis and Belgrade, and the USA, UCLA and UCSF, as well as with several innovative startups from Europe and the USA. The company span out its medical research group, working on cardiac diagnostic software, HUMEDS, and opened an additional office in Suzhou, China.

During this period, the growth of the company was recognized by Deloitte, awarding HTEC as one of the top 10 fastest-growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe, for three years in a row (2014-2016).

In 2016, the company made investments in expanding the data science, machine learning and AI capabilities, and started its advisory and technology business consulting practice. Today, by helping our clients define, design and deliver large scalable products to perform digital transformations, we are enabling relevant business process improvements and the increase of the overall business efficiency.

The core advantage of HTEC and the foundation for its future growth lies in the experience we have in cooperating with some of the leading research organizations, the most innovative startup companies, and large corporate customers. The intersection of these three important areas brings the latest of the science and technology, methodologies and concepts into the enterprise-grade solutions in a very agile and efficient way.

HTEC journey has just started and we are looking forward to engineering a better future joined with our clients and partners!


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